Lala (ali khan) keilty 28th August 2022

I can’t express how sorry I am for this enormous and tragic loss- I knew ashvin from school and Bodens and we used to cry with laughter- such a lovely person through and through - I hadn’t heard from ashvin in ages and then he contacted me on Facebook as my son has the same name as is sisters son , Bodhi - he then messaged me to say they were going for a few drinks for his birthday and we should come along- im so sad we couldn’t go as we were away , but it always just struck me as such a nice thing to do,. So nice , so welcoming, so warm , and so very genuine … the world is a sadder place without him - sending all my love to his family and friends at such a difficult time- he will be held in so many peoples hearts forever xxxxx miss you ashvin, I’m so sorry that life was unfair to you xxxxxx